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Whether your style is classic or modern, choosing an engagement or wedding ring demands your full attention. With your taste in mind, we take the time to introduce you to our large assortment, or we offer you the opportunity to design your own ring, together with our jewellery designer Arnaud Wittmann.

Bague Solitaire Diamant Brillant Or Blanc 1848 Fiancailles Joaillerie Degreef 2

The solitaire

Eternal, pure, fascinating… a diamond symbolises love and passion. The solitaire is the star amongst engagement and wedding rings. We have an endless variety of them, from classic to contemporary.

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Alliance Classic Or Blanc Rose Jaune Wedding Joaillerie Maison De Greef 1848

Classic wedding rings

Over time, our style and taste may change. That makes a classic wedding ring a perfect choice: timeless beauty is always in fashion.

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Alliance Weirdium Or Blanc Jaune Rose Wedding Joaillerie Maison De Greef 1848

Weirdium wedding rings

Weirdium, an alloy of silver and platinum, is 100% Belgian. Its grey, brushed aspect appeals to young couples looking for something a bit different.

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Alliance Or Rose Diamants Harmony Wedding Joaillerie Maison De Greef 1848 Copie

Unique pieces

A special moment deserves a special piece of jewellery. With the help of our jewellery designer Arnaud Wittmann, you can create the wedding ring of your dreams!

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Like an architect, I build my jewellery with volume.
— Arnaud Wittmann

Atelier Nb

Creators of beauty

In our workshop, jewellery designer Arnaud Wittmann and his team create the pieces for our collections, from a simple wedding ring to the most exquisite pieces.

Or Rvb

Many shades of gold

The most precious of all metals has various hues we can play with: 18 carat gold (75% fine gold and 25% alloy) has a light honey-coloured glow, which we can whiten with a layer of rhodium.